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polished concrete

Concrete floors laid in accordance with specially developed procedures ensuring the possibility of finishing in the selected system. The type of hardening, structure, color, type of impregnation, level of smoothness (gloss) are individually adjusted to the customer's expectations and the specificity of the facility.

concrete hard decor

A thin-layer, jointless, non-shrinkage, fast-drying (24h) floated concrete floor, the appearance of an industrial floor,

a choice of colors, 3-4 mm thick, can be laid on concrete, old damaged floors, etc.

terrazzo exclusive

EKO TERRAZZO EXCLUSIVE is a seamless terrazzo floor based on colored epoxy resin composed of 100% solid substances (without VOCs). In combination with a wide range of various types of aggregates, it creates a decorative,  ecological and highly wear-resistant flooring system. Thickness 6 mm or 9 mm.

floor renovation

Grinding, polishing and impregnation of concrete floors, terrazzo (terrazzo) is the fastest, cheapest and least disturbing technology for renovation of concrete floors. The number of grinding and polishing stages as well as the type and degree of impregnation are individually adjusted to the conditions and requirements of the customer. The work can be divided into stages, the floor can be fully exploited immediately after the service is completed.


Achieved savings on operating costs are up to 60% .