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We have the most experience in the industry. We are the precursors of introducing concrete grinding and polishing technology in Poland! Year after year, we improve our solutions, both in the field of concrete floors renovations, as well as comprehensive execution of new decorative terrazzo floors and industrial floors that are very resistant to exploitation. Our team of specialists will design the optimal and best solution for our client, and experienced employees, supervised by the team of Managers, will perform the service on time, while maintaining the highest quality.



Every day we research and develop ways to improve our products through

a customer-centered process. We check innovative ways of using new technologies for product production that meet and even exceed the requirements of our customers. Constant striving to achieve higher quality, versatility and focus on customer needs not only enable us to deliver a high quality product, but also guarantee high quality customer service.



Responsibility begins with a sense of purpose and duty that ensures that not only our environment, but also our customers and their children benefit from the processes and standards we follow as part of our daily manufacturing and business practices.



Our commitment and striving for continuous improvement of customer service is reflected in our quality policy. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations while focusing on innovation, high quality and environmentally friendly products.

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